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Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic mysteries have never been more engaging. Dive into the casebook of Dr. John Watson and receive a brand new story every month. With each letter, get a glimpse into the amazing mind of Sherlock Holmes as you solve each mystery along with the world’s most famous sleuth. Letters come in chronological order- beginning with the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.


These stories are a little longer, and so come in a manila envelope. Each letter is accompanied by appropriate props such as telegrams and photographs that are relevant to the story.


For prepaid subscriptions- check out our gift section, and for custom orders- please reach out to

Sherlock Holmes Mysteries

Price Options
Monthly Subscription
$8.50every month until canceled
  • RSVP Subscriptions each come with a pre-stamped envelope and stationary. Follow up each letter with another letter- to a friend, a stranger, or to us! Best letters will be featured on the Literary Letters Instagram @literarylettersco

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